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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my scaler tip always fall off the scaler?

A: Two possible reasons,
1. A wrong tip was used so the threads of the tips do not match the threads of the scaler, this will permanently damage the tips and/or scaler.
2. When the scaler tips are not installed with the correct torque, the threads may either be damaged by excessive torque force or if the tip was not tightened enough then the friction between the threads will wear it out.
3. So a correct torque wrench should be applied.

Q: Why can't I remove the handpiece coupling from the tubing?

A: The water and air continuously pass through the coupling interface, so corrosion can start even from a very small scratch on the thread surface. To prevent the threads from corrosion, it is necessary to remove the coupling from the tubing once a week, and lubricate the threads with the handpiece lube oil.

Q: Why does water come out of my triplex?

A: Two possible reasons,
1. the "o" ring in the triplex has aged so it won't seal properly.
2. water condensation in the air supply line also causes this problem.

Q: When I was using the high speed handpiece, I saw substantial amount of water flow back to the exhaust, which flooded the floor. What should I do?

A: The 'O' rings on the handpieces were broken. The water passage in the high speed handpiece is blocked. You need to have a professional to fix the handpiece

Q: Why does the scaler tip shock the patients?

A: The scaler was not earthed properly. New model scalers do not have this problem.

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