Point Hallim Dental Chair and Delivery System

Hallim, the most highly engineered dental chair and delivery system, provide advanced equipment with maximal ergonomics and ease of use for dentist.

Head Rest
Double-articulating headrest cradle patient's neck and head. It also provides virtually limitless positioning for improved access to any oral cavity even pedodontic treatment.
Back Rest
Ergonomically slim designed chair backrest is shaped to provide better access and more room for dentist's legs and knees.
Arm Rest
Simply designed armrest provide an easy access to chair without any hindrance and optimal support and comfort for patient during the operation.
Safety Switch
Pressing switch mounted on the bottom of channel stop the chair moving further down to prevent risk of injury to the operator or any entrapped equipment.
A spittoon made of ceramic ensures superior protection against chipping and straining. Easily removable, the spittoon can be cleaned efficiently with hygiene in mind.
Suction Filter
The suction filter is easily removed for cleaning and disinfection without needing to open the unit.

Assistence Table

With a smooth pivot point, the assistance table swings around the back of the unit, ensuring the assistant various access position.
Handpiece holder

Selection of any instrument prevents the others from operating simultaneously.
The handpiece tubings are easily removed for cleaning and disinfection.

Hallim Fax: 02 9570 6052

* Mishandling/Misuse/Abuse of the equipment will void warranty.