Curing Lights
WP LA70300117 Plug N Play LED curing light

This particular LED curing light has a same receptacle as EMS scaler handpiece and is connected to your EMS scaler tubing and gets power from the scaler controller. It is convenient and easily controlled. It continuously produces measurable 1000mV/cm2 output.
1year warranty*

Coming Soon
Monitex PlasmaStar Curing Light

The PlasmaStar produces high-energy plasma arc within spectrum range of 430nm to 470nm giving the most efficient yet safe working power for patients, The Innovative condensing-spotlight device effectively aggregates light sources creating output beam at over 1,800 mW/cm2, so without unnecessary infrared and radiant sources to prevent overheat.
3 years warranty*

P/N: SP2000 $6000+GST
Monitex Tray Lux Curing Light

Tray-Lux is a stable balance curing device with even thickness of the tray to ensure uniform curing. For use after polymerization of the material patterns by the TRAY-LUX M5, that is much easier, faster and better than the traditional manual-forming technique to those self-cure composites or other resin materials.
1 year warranty*.

P/N: Tray-Lux M5 $480+GST

Monitex BlueLex LD-105 LED Curing Light

The innovative cordless LED curing light has single high power 5W Blue LED. The cordless and ergonomic design gives the user full freedom of motion for optimal curing results and produces >800mV/cm2 output.
1 year warranty*

P/N: LD-105 $800+GST


Monitex BlueLuxcer M-835

Auto-Calibration, boost Soft-up, Turbo Tip and High Power Output BlueLuxier M-835 auto-adjustable curing Light produces >900mV/cm2 output.
1 year warranty*.

P/N: M-835 $900+GST

* Mishandling/Misuse/Abuse of the equipment will void warranty.