Euronda Advanced Autoclave

NEW Euronda E9 Recorder

The new E9 Recorder was born to be admired. With its strong appeal and solid and compact shape, it catches your eye at first glance and, thanks to the neat and streamline design, you will love it more day after day.
  • Class B autoclave
  • Completely automatic, microprocessor-controlled autoclave
  • 5 pre-settled sterilization programs: 121-134 degree wrapped/unwrapped instruments, 134 degree Prion,
  • Vauum test
  • Dual head high-efficiency vacuum pump for controlling the temperature of the chamber, vacuum and pressure before and after the cycle. Built-in DATA record printer.
  • Automatic top up clean water into the tanks,
  • Pressed stainless steel chamber PED certified,

Euronda E9 Inspection

  • "B" type autoclave in full compliance with EN13060
  • E9 Inspection® manage 3 B clas sterilization cycles (121°, 134°, 134° Prion)
  • and 3 control tests (Vacuum, Helix and Bowie&Dick)
  • its process controller is great helpful in use of the machine, indications and performance evaluations.
  • The cover is easily removeable which makes it easy to clean the tank, follow a maintenance program and safeguard the efficiency of the machine.
  • Integrated steam generator in order to guarantee a sterilization process with high quality steam.
  • Water Outgas System limits the presence of incondensable gases (such as carbon dioxine) in the water.

*Warranty: 2 years labor + parts